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How to paint your furniture -101

How to paint your furniture -101

Step 1: Clean

You need to remove years of dirt, oils, and grease. This can be done real easy by applying Dixie Belle White Lightning or any other TSP cleaner. You want to apply this with a rag or spray bottle and simply wipe it off. Make sure you follow up by using clean water and wiping off the cleaner residue.  

Step 2: Paint

Most mineral or chalk based paints can be thick right out of the container. We like to use 2 tablespoon of paint and mix it with 1 teaspoon of water. This will allow the paint to go on easy and cover more area without causing the brush to stick, resulting in a smooth finish.

Step 3: Seal

We recommend sealing your new paint with wax or a clear coat. There are pros and cons to either, here is how we choose:

  • Light traffic areas: we would choose a wax for light traffic items, decorative pieces, end tables, etc.
  • Moderate traffic areas: We would choose clear coat for items in moderate to high wear areas. End tables that are used everyday.
  • Finally, we would choose a water repellent for table tops or anything that is in a high moisture area.

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